Health Coaching With Nikki


Change the way you look at things, And the things you look at change

When you decide to work with me you are making a conscious decision to embark on an incredible journey as we do a
full mind body and soul make over.


Your soul craves healing, your body is screaming for nourishment and your mind is searching for internal peace within
this modern day society of chaos.


Think of me as a judgment free bestie that will listen open heartedly to you while having a proactive approach so we can bust through the blocks and limitations. I am not the coach who will focus on how many times you hit the gym or make you stick to a rigid unrealistic diet plan, my coaching goes a whole lot deeper than that and loving yourself the way you are now is your biggest priority. We will set long term and short term goals that I will hold you accountable for, so you can make life style changes that truly stick.


Making a change is a click away

What you can get out of Health Coaching with Nikki:

Healing through Love

  • Learn how to fall in love with Your Self!
  • Bust through Limiting Beliefs and Judgment
  • Experience more laughter and happiness
  • Find the time doing the things “You” Love to do
  • Doing work that fulfils your highest values
  • Establishing healthy and loving relationships
  • Nurture your self from the inside out

More Balance and Connection

  • Find the perfect balance of Yin and Yang in your Daily Life
  • Establish tools and techniques to distress and relax
  • Realign your Chakras and your Energetic Body
  • Identify your intentions and work towards your personal goals
  • Create crystal clear clarity in all areas of your life
  • Reclaim your freedom and break through the fears that are holding you back
  • Shift your mindset to becoming more positive
  • Build confidence within your self and feel empowered
More Balance

Lets Work Together …

If you feel the pull to book in a 1-1 session with me, see the bellow options:

1 hour Face to Face: ($80)

1 hour Phone Session: ($50)

Body Mind Soul 1.5hr Session: ($100)

This Includes 30 Min 1-1 Health Coaching, 15 Minute Angel Card Reading , 40 Minute 1-1 Private Yoga Class + Aromatherapy Oil massage Like Adjustments.

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