Welcome to Arawa Retreats a soulful journey of slowing down and coming home to yourself.

Arawa Retreats are designed for those who a longing for the disconnect and who crave some delicious self love and healing and a tone of wholehearted fun and a touch of adventure. When you book an Arawa Retreat you are making a commitment to to honour yourself and follow your intuition and in doing so you will leave feeling filled to the brim of inspiration as radicle shifts begin to occur.

Are you ready to join me on a retreat of a life time?

APRIL 1-7TH 2019

Nikki Ayres & Hollie Azzopardi are coming together to birth a new creation into the world and start fires within the souls who are ready to become awakend to the 4 elements ; Earth, wind, Fire and Water, threading these elements through a 7 Day Retreat on Nusa Lembongan Island Bali. The core focus is to come home to yourself by getting into alignment so you can attract and manifest what you desire. These two retreats are for goddesses only, we are calling on women who are ready to answer the call to taking back their power and embody their sense of self in all elements.

Hollie Assopardi is an Intuitive Earth Goddess who channels messages through source energy, Hollie Shines her light on the worlds with “All of the Things” from Speaking her truth on stage, writing her first book “Lighten Up” workshops, intuitive readings , Speaking up on Body Image, Mental Illness , and Sexual Empowerment. Hollie also has her Manifest Group Coaching Course, coaching men and women all over the world. This goddess is the real deal and this retreat will be such a beautiful collaboration and we would love for you to join us.


The Earth is our Sacred Home, when we connect to its grounding properties we are fearless in our mission on this earth. During the Retreat we will incorporate the element of Earth with…

– Grounding Meditations
-Bare Foot Nature Walks
-Yin Yoga in Nature
-Nusa Penida Island Escape
-Connecting with animals, cows, pigs and pups on the island

Workshop & Discussion Topics:

– Creating Solid Foundations
– Fertility & nurturing
– Grounding & Deep Connection
-Setting foundations
– Planting Seeds for Growth
– The Art of manifestation


The sky is the limit, but in reality we have no limitations and when we connect to this element of air we feel freedom in the unknown, during the work shop we will incorporate air into the retreat by…

– Powerful Breathe Work
-Yin Yang Yoga Class in the Open Air

Workshop & Discussion Topics:

– New Life
– Power Of the Mind
– Communication
– Freedom
– Being Open
– Gaining your sense of Calm


Awkawen the fires with in and allow them to burn bright for the whole world to see and feel you to your core. Fire is a powerful element that is the birth of creation and the wild transformations of stripping away the layers of who you once were. We will adding Fire into our retreat by…

– Aura Cleanse with Sage Smoke
– Beach Bon Fire
-Letting Go Fire Ritual
– Wild Goddess Ecstatic Dance
– Flame Meditation


We are made up of water so we crave to be beside or swimming in the healing whome of mother natures liquid gold. Its a healing place to be with the crashing waves symbolising life its self and the ebs and flows. Its a time for cleansing and purification for ones self. We will add water into the retreat by…

– Guided Meditations by the Ocean
– Ocean Floating
– Snorkeling , be one with the ocean and all wild life
– SUP Yin Yoga

Workshops & Discussion Topics:

– Our Subconscious Mind
– Purification
– Psychic Powers
– Cleansing and Detoxifying
-Yoga Flow


– X7 Daily Breakfast , Vegan GF Available
– X7 Sunset Dinners
– Return Boat Transfers , Including Driver Pick Up and drop Off
– Daily Workshops with Hollie Azzodpardi + Nikki and Potentially Special Guest Coaches
– X5 Yoga Classes
– Daily mediations
– Angel Card Readings
– Ecstatic Dance
– Beach Side Bon Fire
– Snorkle + Nusa Penida Island Escape
– Sacred Gifts
– 5 Nights Accommodation in Luxury Villas, March ( Palm Groove Villas) April (Tenang Sea Side Villas)
– Lastly These retreats includ mine and Hollies love and guidance . We will offer our time, energy hugs and words when needed. this is our service to you.


11 + 6 =


7 + 10 =


14 + 9 =

Arawa Yoga & Adventure Retreat Bali Nusa Lembongan Island

What it includes

  • 5 Nights Accommodation Luxury Bungalow Villas with Air Con, Fridge , Fan , TV & Out Door Private Bathroom
  • Return Boat Transfers from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan (Only 20 min boat ride)
  • Driver Pick Up and Drop Offs from boat to accommodation
  • Daily Yoga Classes ranging from Flow, Hatha, Yin Yang and Yin. Including a special destination yoga at Dream Beach Cliffs
  • X1 Full Body massage
  • Daily Guided Meditation & Angel Card Readings
  • Day Snorkel Trip to Nusa Cenigan, Crystal Bay, Underwater Buddahs & Nusa Penida
  • Release & Let Go WorkshopSelf Love Workshop
  • SUP Yoga Class
  • Fly High Yoga Class at Serenity Yoga shala
  • Daily Breakfast
  • X3 Sunset Dinners
  • Beach Bonfire Night
  • Sacred Arawa Retreat Gifts

You can also get up to…

  • Day Trip to Nusa Penida Cliffs
  • Surfing in some of the best surf breaks of the island
  • Hire a bike and explore the island
  • Day trips to main land for shopping
What I gained from this retreat was more than I could have ever hoped for. The friendships & personal breakthroughs I made are priceless. Being surrounded by so many strong, fearless & beautiful women made me realise that I am also one of those women. My heart has expanded so much & it has made me appreciate how far I have come in my life’s journey.

Nikki’s energy, support & guidance contributed to creating a safe space where there was no judgment & anything goes. Her vibes reached out to all of us women & made this experience so very magical.

I would do this retreat again in a heartbeat without hesitation. And I encourage anyone who feels even a slight pull to take part in this. Take the leap. You just might surprise yourself & gain so much wonderful goodness in your heart & soul like I did.


Early Bird Twin Share: $1600 / Regular Price : $1,800
Early Bird Private Villa: $1,800 / Regular Price : $2,100
(September Early Bird Ends 20th February)

To secure your spot a non refundable deposit of $500 is required.


I have always felt the pull to come on these retreats.. & I’m sure anyone that looks at the photos will totally agree.. so if you feel it do it.. you won’t ever ever regret it. My first yoga class with Nikki she mentioned her retreat.. at the end of the class we had a short conversation with her & the deal was done.. I was about to embark on the best soul sparking journey you could think of.. before I even got on that plane.. I was in contact with my soul sisters already.. we were already a little soul sister family.. the time over their would definitely be the best week of my life yet.. I learnt so much about myself & life itself.. I was inspired every day by women & always felt so supported being so young going on a trip alone.. I have now made 14 news friends out of that trip.. some I catch up with on a regular basis.. you really connect with people & yourself in a way you never knew was possible.. Nikki provides such a safe, fun, inspiring space for women.. so the last thing I’ll say is I can’t wait to meet you all next year because I’ll defiantly be back in the warm delicious loving space.