I want to Speak To That Part Of You…

I want to speak to that part of you that longs to be seen, that yearns for her message to be heard. That part of you that wants to step fully and boldly into her authentic truth and be deeply supported and appreciated along the journey to living out your deepest desires and manifestations. You see over the years we have been conditioned to stay limited out of fear of judgement of what people will think and to fit into the tight condiments of what we “should be doing” instead of what we feel is right and during this pull and tug process we detour into fear, suffocated by the ego and we become out of vibrational alignment to attracting what we DO want. The road blocks appear, the universe sends nudges and red flags to try and encourage you to take a new path but how can you when you have been rooted in what you already know for so long. But i believe that each and every single one of us has the tools and the internal fire to access the juicy calling of our soul. We just need to answer the call and take ACTION … like right this second so your future self can thank you for it.

You see 7 years ago I was living through my ego in a job that sucked my soul and creativity dry, I had to hit rock bottom and loose everything before i saw the hidden blessing that this setback was actually winding me up to rocket forward in a new direction of following my intuition.I want to help prevent the burn out right NOW, I want to reach through the screen and speak to that part of you who isn’t entirely happy but just holding on in hopes things get better. Good news is it will but you need to taken conscious action right now and some changes need to  make way in the process.   Let me tell you that the path to Alignment is not an easy mapped out road and no step by step instructions BUT what I can say that the most important tool for success on this journey is Find you people who cheer you on , Who are in your corner backing your every move and ready to celebrate all your WINS and ready to hold space through the uncomfortable growing pains. This is where I step in, see i know the feeling on not being fully supported in my career transition or that yucky rejected feeling of sharing my ideas and to only have them crippled by others limiting beliefs. I make it my mission to support, encourage and cheer on those who wish to dream big and who are ready to get down to work and take action every day to making it happen. For the last 5 years I have been coaching , running retreats, holding yoga classes and sharing live events in the hope to inspire others to live in their LIGHT. I now want to take this one step further and show people how to stay in their light, how to reprogram their minds and shift the low vibe thoughts that have been holding them back and begin to get in to full embodied flow in all areas of life from relationships, career, health and happiness, financial abundance , relationships and every thing in between. If you are still readying this then I want you to get curious and ask yourself… Are you ready to Align your life? 

Calling on Women Ready To Get Into Alignment

My heart is skipping a beat because this is the moment I am putting my manifestations to the test by declaring the type of women I want to attract and work with in my intimate 8 week coaching course. This is my very first online group coaching course so I want to kick it off with a BANG and I am putting my entire focus into this tribe and so I must be crystal clear with who i want to work with and support over the 8 weeks of transformational magic.

  • Calling on women who may feel stuck in their current career path and ready to take ACTION
  • Calling on women who are entrepreneurs, or those ready to start their own business , launch that project or take their business to the next level
  • Calling on women who are ready to do the work, implement healthy changes and to NOT play the victim
  • Calling on women who are spiritually open, conscious and aware of the art of manifestation
  • Calling on women who knows what she wants but feels unmotivated and repeating the same cycles
  • Calling on women who want to feel more flow in their life, to increase energy levels and feel  more connected to their intuition
  • Calling on women who are ready and willing to invest in my time and energy and unconditional love for the 8 weeks.
  • Calling on women who want to amplify their unique gifts to the world and shining their light
  • Calling on women who are ready to get crystal clear and what they WANT to manifest and open to shifting their mindset
  • Calling on women who are willing to get vulnerable and break down the walls as we begin to set in new foundations for the future.
  • Calling on women who are supportive, loving and kind and willing to cheer on others in the group and hold space for their growth along with your own.
  • Calling on women who know that to change they need to change themself. That i wont “fix” anyone who wont take action.
  •  Calling on women who are ready to be unstopable, courages and willing to set their dreams and desires on fire.

Psst… Are you her?

If your nodding along to the above then I urge you to put your hand on your heart and ask your high self for confirmation that this course is calling you, and inviting you to expand.I only have 15 spots available and if you feel the pull to join this tribe I would love to hear from you. Can you imagine the FUN we will have together , the transformations we get to ride, the radicle shifts we will experience. i am ready to support you but YOU my love need to take action.

Align Your Life In 8 Weeks

The 8-10 weeks of coaching we will be doing a FULL Mind , Body and Soul Overhaul and I am just warning you that you may not recognise the woman who started because things are going to shift for the better and its going to be wild in the best way possible but just know I get to be by your side every step of the way. The course is broken up into3 core modules and each broken down in to different topics each week. The course is also desgined around your own personal goals and manifestations, so what we focus on in the group we go deeper 1-1 and I hold you accountable for achieving what it is you want to succeed.

Module 1: Unblocking Your Natural State of Flow

  • Identifying whats blocking you from taking actions on your goals.
  • Limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Discovering Pain Points
  • Healing / Breaking unhealthy cycles
  • Busting through Uncertainty

Module 2: Crystal Clear Clarity For Aligning Your Life

  • How to set meaningful goals that stick
  • Implementing powerful intentions
  • Mind Set makeover
  • The Secrets to manifesting
  • Accountability and Structure

Module 3: Living in Alignment 

  • Establishing life long healthy habbits
  • Morning routines
  • Exercises to amp up your Vibration and instantly get into alignment
  • Universal Synchronises of Alignment
  • how to get in flow and stay their

Expert Guest Coaches 

During the 8 weeks we will have 3 expert guest coaches who dedicate their life to sharing their gifts on manifesting, how to run a successful coaching online business and how to implement healthy habits that stick. The knowledge these individuals have to share is mind blowing and I am so excited to share with you who we have jumping on our group calls and allowing you access to ask all the questions you need to give you deeper direction o your current path.

Align 8 Week Course:

The Align 8 Week Course is a gateway for getting unstuck and on track while you vibrate higher and kick goals while being fully supported by me every step of the way.  I am so pumped to rock it out and dance in the magic that you are and really give you the tools to just go for it whole heartedly and fearlessly.

Align 8 Week Package:

  • X7 One Hour Group Coaching Calls Via ZOOM
  • X2 1-1 Coaching Calls with Me
  • X3 Expert Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Around the Clock Support Via Vozzer (Walkie Talkie App) and Email with your very own support coach
  • Access to the Closed Align FaceBook Group, sharing your wins, advice and assistance to me and the 8 other supportive women
  • Weekly Accountability Cheek Ups + Your Own Accountability buddie and coach
  • Group Angel Card Readings
  • 10% Discount on ALL 2019 Arawa Retreats
  • Align Sacred Sterling Silver Bracelet (One of a Kind)

Note that this option can be offered to be paid in full or as a payment plan.

Align VIP package: 

  • X7 One Hour Group Coaching Calls Via ZOOM
  • X3 1-1 Coaching Calls with Me
  • X2 2-1 calls Myself and Ryan Drake coaching you 
  • X3 Expert Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Around the Clock Support Via Vozzer (Walkie Talkie App) and Email with Myself and Ryan Drake
  • Access to the Closed Align FaceBook Group, sharing your wins, advice and assistance to me and the 8 other supportive women
  • Weekly Accountability Cheek Ups + Your Own Accountability buddie and coach
  • Group Angel Card Readings
  • 15% Discount on ALL 2019 Arawa Retreats 
  • Align Sacred Sterling Silver Bracelet (One of a Kind)

This course is a paid course , my time energy, commitment and love is poured into being of greatest service to every individual that joins my tribe. The moment you invest in yourself you are declaring to the universe that YOU are ready to take your dreams seriously and as a result you take action, you are respected and celebrated for your own services. When we realise that money is energy when begin to want to invest in helping our future self and the resistance around lack of abundance is steamed from a part of yourself that feels unworthy of being supported and fear of not having enough. We tap into this exact topic in the course and I can guarantee that this course will in fact help you cultivate more abundance in all areas of your life not just your bank account, but you have to have that energetic exchange. I know the feeling of handing my money over to a coach but fro experience it has been the best experience for me to invest in my dreams and it has amplified my personal success. We spend money on shoes, beauty projects, food and the list goes on, but when do we ever invest in our long term health and happiness , for me this is vital and the secret weapon for being unstoppable.


Email : nikki@nikkiayres.com.au

Answer these 3 Questions: 

  1. Why do you feel pulled to this online course and want to work with me?
  2. What is your current career path and does it LIGHT you up? 
  3. Where in your life do you feel out of alignment?  

From here I can have a clear understanding of where you are at and If i feel I can help you on your journey. From here we can arrange a discovery call to answer your questions on the course and share with you the price options. Or alternatively I can email you all the juicy details.

If you are longing for a life of living in flow and want to make positive changes then now is the time to take action and lets work together on making those dreams a reality. You were born to shine …

Nikki xo