about nikki ayres

“It’s time to release the baggage you have been holding onto for so long. Are you ready to start thriving in your life and not just surviving. Lets shake things up, let’s break down the walls and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams…”

Self Limiting Beliefs | Judgment | Blame | Comparison
Negative Self Talk | Toxic Thoughts | Living From Fear

Do these words pull on a nerve inside you? It’s totally ok because I have been there, I have felt the highs and lows of living through my head and my heart, choosing fear over love and as a result I was lost, afraid and stuck.

I feel that this story is becoming so cliche … the ex corporate PR chic turned yogi /spiritual healer. There was no single light bulb moment and no easy transition , it was messy and mad and totally necessary as it lead me to here. You see I have always been a light worker and working in an environment that dimmed my sparkle was heavy on the soul. But little did I know I had to become completely undone so I could grow into the person I am today.

4 years ago I stared death in the face after a failed suicide attempt, from that moment I decided that if I was to make it out of me own “Dark Night of the Soul” then I can use my light to inspire others to live fully and whole heartedly. I was blessed with the diagnosis of Bipolar and decided I am going to ROCK IT!! I am passionate about raising awareness for ALL Mental Illness #CyaStigma and want to remind others who are suffer that you have a choice to take back your life and achieve those desires.

The lowest moment in my life was a beautiful blessing, it taught me how I needed to be gentle and loving towards me , myself and I and to also drop all judgment on myself and others. It sparked the desire to follow my life purpose and shine my light onto all corners of this world.

“I am not here to create followers, I am here to create leaders.”

My intention is for those who read this and join me, I want you to lead not follow. I want to shake you up like a snow globe and watch your sparkle run wild on this planet . I want you to follow your intuition even when it does not make sense. I want you to say YES to living an authentic life as you go for your dreams. I want you to honour your self through mind body and spirit and be an advocate for self love by being an example of it first. I want you to manifest and attract those things beyond your wildest dreams and I want to celebrate, cheer and dance in your achievements. I want you to be the light in someone else’s darkness or even better in your own, you have the power to make it out of any growing pain if you believe and trust the process. I believe in you and your own blinding light. This is your call to action to flick the switch and turn on that light as the world needs you right now!!

“You have a choice. You can continue to neglect your desires. Or you can put your hand on your heart, trust the burning passion that is inside of you, and just start living your dreams whole heartedly.”

My duty as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Writer is to rise up and show you that underneath all the fears beholds one beautiful shinning light of limitless potential. We are all insanely unique and this universe needs you to RISE up and make the shift in living one juicy ass kicking life. This wellness hub is a safe place to surrender to all control and emerge in the wonders of self-love, health, healing and wellness.

“Your vulnerability is beautiful, let down your guard, open your heart. Its time to step into your truth…”

Fun facts about Nikki

  • Born on Valentines Day 14.02.1991
  • I Was Bourn on a New Moon
  • I am an Aquarian and a Number 9 (Off with the Fairies)
  • I am Married to my spunky ,surfer, Soul Mate Luke Madden
  • My “Real” Full name is Nicola Patricia Ruth Helen Ayres (Its a Long One)
  • I am Vegan
  • If some one could take away my Bipolar Diagnosis id say HELL NO – Its my biggest teacher
  • I have experienced Astral Healing in my dreams. Its very intense and exhausting
  • Avocados are LIFE , I eat an Avo or 2 a day
  • I love a bit of Gangsta Rap but also love the slow acoustic jams
  • I love to Surf, Skate and Ski and Hula Hoop
  • My favourite meal is anything Mexican
  • I have been to Bali 8 times and still love it (Especially Nusa Lembongan)
  • Favourite flow is Sunflower, seriously happiness in a flower!
  • My family was friends with Mother Teresa
  • I love to write and currently writing a book. Its going to be juicy
  • My spirit guides names are Florence and Miguel
  • My favourite thing to do is sip on tea with friends, pull angel cards and giggle uncontrollably
  • I don’t drink alcohol and enjoy going out for a dance #SoberNightsOut
  • I am an old soul and have been told by healers that I have been around for thousands of years (I feel it)
  • I am a total empath, I cried last night watching Bring it On the movie.
  • I had a heart operation when i was 14 years old
  • The Ocean Is a huge part of my life. I swim/ surf all year round and need to be near the ocean to function
  • My 95 year old Nanna Pattie is my ultimate idol. in 2017 she stood by my side as a bridesmaid and made my dreams come true
  • I LOVE Public Speaking , hence why I do it for a living
  • I am a Light Worker