“ It’s time to release the baggage you have been holding onto for so long. Are you ready to start thriving in your life and not just surviving


Lets shake things up, let’s break down the walls and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams…”


Self Limiting Beliefs   | Judgment | Blame   | Comparison 



Negative Self Talk | Toxic Thoughts | Living From Fear

Do these words pull on a nerve inside you? It’s totally ok because I have been there, I have felt the highs and lows of living through my head and not through my heart, choosing the fear and not the love and as a result I was lost, afraid and stuck.


Years ago I was working in a job that did not fulfill me, working with people who did not value me because I did not value my self. I was over giving and my energy was depleted. I was riddled with self-limiting beliefs and the itty-bitty shitty comity in my head pulled me down, the doctors blamed mental illness and for a moment I was trapped in the label and caught up in the stigma, but I decided that I would rise up and make a shift.


The lowest moment in my life was a beautiful blessing, it taught me how I needed to be gentle on my self, it taught me to drop the judgment, and it taught me that your mind has the power to dictate your life. So I decided to change my mind, and in doing so my whole life shifted in a huge way, it was the moment that my soul passion showed up and it was crystal clear what I have come here to do…

“You have a choice. You can continue to neglect your desires. Or you can put your hand on your heart, trust the burning passion that is inside of you, and just start living your dreams whole heartedly”

Nikki Ayres

My duty as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Speaker and Writer is to rise up and show you that underneath all the fears beholds one beautiful shinning light of limitless potential. We are all insanely unique and this universe needs you to RISE up and make the shift in living one juicy ass kicking life.

This wellness hub is a safe place to surrender to all control and emerge in the wonders of self-love, health, healing and wellness.


“Your vulnerability is beautiful, let down your guard, open your heart.

Its time to step into your truth…”  



Are you ready to change your life in a big way? Are you ready to reflect a life you LOVE?

Let me show you the way,

Nikki XO


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